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Default Re: Just got my GTX 280 and some Problems

Originally Posted by pingu2 View Post
well if that's what he means then clearly it's a software issue not a hardware one? so the card hasnt "gone bad" - rather the software is screwing up?

my gtx280 is also running hot (or says it is), I have applied arctic silver etc but its not made any difference.. even with fan running at 100% it reaches 105c in vantage test 2 - however I am not convinced it is actually reaching that temp - it doesnt feel that hot, and I get no artifacts etc.. it throttles back when it says its at 105c and then runs fine at 104/105 indefinately (by alternating between full/throttled speed)
I don't think the problem is with software. The card's temperature is monitored by the onboard sensor which has nothing to do with drivers AFAIK. The bios regulates the fan based on the threshold set on the card. If the problem is indeed the sensor, then you'd have to disable the sensor (if possible) and set the fan manually. I don't think the problem is with the card itself, the chip can't be that problematic so that it overheats even in Windows.

Again though, we're talking about terrible Quality Assurance. You don't miss problems this obvious...
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