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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by SJA06 View Post
omzig - hope you like the GenX scenery. Photoscenery can feel a bit odd to start with, after the default, due to lack of Autogen, but as you know that can be added - at least to some degree.

Take a look at for some trees for you area - unfortunately vfraddons, another good site for agn seem to be defunct now - but I have a cd with all available agn on it, which I can let you have a copy of if you PM me.

If you join the Horizon forum [great little friendly place, with tons of free airfields and good advice and help] you can ask 'Ananda' for a link to his agn2genx placement tool, this puts all the agn files into the correct volume and area.
Sounds great many thanks for your kind offer i've already had a poke around sheps shed a few days ago that along with your shots made me drop for the genX

i have a bit of photogen already (france VFR packages & i have TP setup) and agree that they can feel a little strange without the autogen mainly i find it looks strange at a distance as im expecting to see tree line poking above the hill sides

i dropped in the genx demo while i wait on the post man & found that the sense of scale seems so much better with genx than any other Photo(or non photo)scenery i've used,im sure this also has todo with the 5m mesh that adds quite alot to the detail

to be honest this will be the first time ive spent anytime flying in/around the UK due mainly to the fact that Aces seem to ignore anything outside the US detail wise,im sure i'll find it quite interesting to see what my area looks like from the sky! im sure i'll be adding autogen to my town if its not already been done

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