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Default Re: Computer won't boot up with GTX 280

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
There should be a converter inside, you need at least 2 6P connectors, some Psus only have one...
Thanks alot, I had no idea there are different 8-pin connectors. What is this converter you speak of, does it convert a 6-pin connector into a proper 8-pin PCI-e connector, or does it convert two 6-pin connectors into one 8-pin PCI-e? My PSU has two 6-pins and one 8-pin motherboard connector (the one I mistook for a PCI-e connector). And when you say "there should be a converter inside", what do you mean, the video card or the PSU? I didn't see it in either of the boxes. Or can be it be purchase separately?

Many thanks for your help guys.
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