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Default Re: What the benchmarks DON'T Tell you about the GTX 280!!!

Originally Posted by Ambrose View Post
What, is Rev the elephant in the room? Answer the question: why should people get the 280 when two 8800gts sell for so cheap? Do they really stutter as bad as the GX2??
I've not seen a GX2 in action but from what i've read it's not as good as two GT's for SLI. All I was saying is for me, not having a problem with SLI, there is little to be gained by having a GTX280.

So in answer to your question, people shouldn't get a GTX280 to replace an SLI setup, be it a GX2 or GT's in SLI, if they don't have a micro-stuttering problem . That's just my opinion though.

... and where's this Elephant room?
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