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Default Need someone help me to test a few thing before I get my hands on the GTX280

Since my 8800gtx is still doing a great job, the only reason for me to upgrade my video card is DX10, so I want to know how the GTX280 perform under DX10, if you guys have those games please try to help me out, I want to know the following games......

Hellgate London, Crysis, Company of Heroes:OF, World in Conflict and Assassin Creed.

Games should run in the following settings:
Res: 1680x1050, DX10, every setting should be set to MAX or highest if possible, 4AA, 16AF and v-sync = on

I can't find any review about how good did games run under DX10, so I try to ask for help here, if you guys have 1 or 2 or these games, please try to help me test it, thanks!!
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