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Default Re: My first impressions. GTX 280 Tri-SLi ( Pic. )

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227 View Post
I want to see GTX280 vs SLI 8800GTX in 1280*1024 and 1680*1050 (1600*1200) resolution. All these review for insane high resolution are totally pointless for 98% of gamers around the globe.
Right because so FEW people have those ultra expensive 400 dollar 24" monitors that run at 1920x1200

I'm glad to see reviews for this card putting in lots of 2560 and 1900 res benchmarks - about time high end cards are tested for what they are meant for

If you're going to spend 650 on a card I would hope you'd have spent 400 at least on the monitor

Why the hell would you have two 8800gtx in sli for 1280x1024 to begin with ?
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