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Default Re: What's after NVIDIA'S 280 Series? Anything coming in Q3/Q4???

I agree that while the GTX 280 is too expensive, the price is not that far off base when compared to other video card launches like the 8800 GTX. To get the fastest card, you have to pay a premium price. Many will argue that the 9800 GX2 or even two 8800 GTs in SLI are just as good, but I'd say you were DEAD WRONG. If you look strictly at benchmarks, this may be so. However, gameplay is a completely different story. The GTX 280 provides smooth gameplay for me in Crysis at 1920X1200 with everything on HIGH and three settings on VERY HIGH. The only time I may see a little stutter is in highly textured areas. My 9800 GX2 used to stutter all over the place in this game. Also, the Medusa demo is silky smooth while the 9800 GX2 had a lot of stutter. The 1GB of RAM and 512-bit memory are the biggest advantages of this card!!!!
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