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Default Why a GeForce GTX 280 is still much better than a 9800 GX2 or 8800 GT SLI

For those of you with a GeForce 9800 GX2 or GeForce 8800 GT SLI setup who are contemplating picking up a GeForce GTX 280, here's some advice from someone who has used both. If you can stomach the price, the GTX 280 will be well worth the investment. Many argue that a 9800 GX2 or SLI setup is just as good or better than a single GTX 280. If you look strictly at the benchmarks at all those websites, this may appear to be true. However, benchmarks only reveal part of the story. It's the GAMING EXPERIENCE that means the most. Right now, the GTX 280 offers by far the best gaming experience on games like Crysis and COD4. My 9800 GX2 would stutter all over the place on Crysis. The GTX 280 runs it as smooth as butter at 1920X1200 with everything on HIGH and three settings on the right at VERY HIGH. It does stutter for a second in highly textured areas, but this is to be expected on such a demanding game. I would say that the overall framerates are similar to the 9800 GX2, but the stuttering problem is almost non-existent with the GTX 280. This really improves the gameplay experience in Crysis. COD4 also runs without stuttering on the GTX 280. I did get those "microstutters" with the 9800 GX2.

In sum, the GTX 280 is an incredible performer. You wouldn't think so by looking at all those benchmarks, but if you can get the card, you'll be astonished at the gaming goodness it can offer. It has changed the whole Crysis experience for me!
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