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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 280 or GTX 260" thread

Recieved My EVGA GTX280 SSC Edition today and wow ,I have to say, I am very impressed.Futuremark Vantage scores have shot up by alot..

8800Ultra(175.16) - P6607
GTX280(177.39 w/no PhysX driver) - P11124
GTX280(177.39 w/NV PhysX driver) - P13123

I had actually been waiting to play the new Vulcano level for Crysis till the new card came so the time had come to really test the card out.I installed the mod without installing the ultra high quality config they suggest to use with it and just decided to turn all graphics settings to very high ,1680X1050,no AA and no Vsync.I played for about 20-25 minutes an noticed no "show-stopper" slowdowns there was a little bit of chugging near the beginning (on the beach) and the frames via Fraps dipped down to about 24 FPS at a few times.I did notice the fan of the GTX280 after playing for the 20 or so minutes but not to the point where it was destracting or in any way loud imo.In checking the EVGA precision tool after exiting the game I noticed that my GPU temperature had maxed out at around 86C.

So far I am very happy with My purchase and Nvidia adding PhysX support recently only sweetens the deal though only slightly because it only works with a benchmark and a game I am not interested in owning.
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