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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by SJA06 View Post
I must admit I was very disappointed with the 'Natural world trees' with the flat textures, and there didn't appear to be much, if any, seasonal variation [same with TreeX] - do you find that with them Silly?
I only fly with summer textures, except with FTX I use spring. At first I really liked the NWTrees, but then after I tested them in some more areas I found lots of cases where I did not like them as much as the defaults, due to the "sparse" look and flat textures. I actually tried to revert back to the defaults but it will not revert, so I'm stuck with them unless I want to do a repair install. Alexi emailed me and said he will be updating the package as time goes, that he wanted to get the pack out as he did not know if people would even be interested in it.

SJA06, could you do me a favor if you get time, and take a couple shots showing FEX using the Default 'Fair Weather' theme and Cloud Density set to Medium? Thats about the only setting I fly with at the moment since I'm stuck at 3.0Ghz for now and don't have any CPU cycles to spare given my autogen settings.
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