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Default pioneer plasma and ps3.

2 months ago i bought a pioneer plasma (42in kuro) and a ps3 (40gig)

the pioneer plasma 428XDA is something else, ive been absolutely amazed by its picture quality. Its a TV that is very hard to judge in a well lit store amongst other over bright and picture saturated TVs (they set them up that way to actract attention).
but in a dimly lit room or in the dark it delivers the most jaw droppng picture ive ever seen, 2 months later im still amazed by it. its not even full HD, ive played DVDs through it and BLU ray and never once could i say i wish it was sharper. it did take a little bit of nursing while i was running it in (takes about 100-200 hours), making sure not to pause for too long or not leave black borders on for extended periods of time. i know its a little bit of a hassle but man is it worth it.

For gaming , i chose to run the t.v in completely before i hooked up my ps3, (burn in could still be a factor so a little care is required)
i connected the ps3 with a HDMI cable and it played everything without a hitch and did it in style. it is a little noisy though on quiet listening, turning up the volume fixed that.

i loaded up GTA4 and well, I was blown away! the colors are just so vibrant and deep they give a real sence of scale and contrast that make the t.v have a slight 3.d effect (its hard to explain). then i tried Gran Turismo and my jaw hit the ground. the game was sharp and fluid and never once showed a hickup. i felt i was realy there! Im a die hard pc man but i can tell you this is something else-another beast all together. this was gaming at 1024x768 on a 42 inch screen and it didnt bother me one bit. the t.v never once stumbled, i learnt real fast that resolution is not the most important factor in making a good picture. im not saying its not important, im just saying there's a lot of things that we overlook that make a great Picture. ive got assasins creed to try next and will be getting MGS asap.

with a little care you can still have best of both worlds, great movie pic quality that looks natural and deep and great looking games.
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