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Default Re: Why a GeForce GTX 280 is still much better than a 9800 GX2 or 8800 GT SLI

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
Eh. If you want to be have to shut off AA in a year or so when games start exceeding the 512 framebuffer. Then 9800GX2 is fine. If you want a card with any kind of lifetime. Buying a 9800GX2 is a poor decision compared to other products within its price range that take up 1 slot.
I dont know if that really holds water, the people that buy $600 cards are upgrading every year, or sooner, typically. So the whole "its not future proof" doesn't really matter, IMO. I mean, in the same boat, you shouldnt buy a NV product at all because it doesnt support DirectX 10.1, which games already are using, and will use more in the future.
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