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Jakup, sorry to hijack your thread, but your PM box is full...

Hey Jacob. I would like some help please. I was having some problems with my GTX 280 so I had to send it back. Thing is, they might not replace it under warranty because I changed the TIM on the card... Anyway... I might have to order another card and I'm thinking about going with eVGA this time...

But, since I order from abroad, it's very difficult for me to exchange the card if it's faulty, and with this temperature bug going around, I'm thinking that I could order a pre-overclocked card that has been thoroughly tested, not so much for the overclocking but for working as it should.

So, what tests do the Supeclocked cards undergo before they're set at the higher speed? My only option is the plain SC card so I'm not so sure. I would prefer the SSC model which is likely to have received more testing than the SC models (which I guess don't receive much testing due to the small increase in clocks. My BFG was the OC model, which was probably never tested at the increased speeds, as they would have found the problem, most likely because the increases were very small)...

Thanks for your time,
Thanks mate...
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