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Default Re: Why a GeForce GTX 280 is still much better than a 9800 GX2 or 8800 GT SLI

People who pay 600 dollars for a graphic card also pay to use AA and high resolution, I used the 9800GX2 alot. Including a Quad 9800GX2 setup. Being able to not turn on 16xQ/8xQ AA at high resolutions is a big enough reason to take the GTX 280. The 9800GX2's strongest mode right now is 4xAA/16xCSAA simply because it doesnt have the memory to enable anything higher beyond 1600x1200 resolution.

There is zero good reason to opt for a 9800GX2 at its current price range. It doesnt have the improved geometry shader cache. It has half the memory. Its reliant on AFR scaling. It's idle is significantly higher than that of a GTX 260/280 ((65-70 watts verses 25 Watts per GPU)). It can't be 3 way SLI'd. I have 3 9800GTX, 2 9800GX2, 3 GTX 260's, and 2 GTX 280's and I see no compelling reason to opt for the 9800/9800GX2 cards over the other cards. In any configuration. Including 2 way GTX 260.

1920x1200 @ 16xQ/8xQ = 275 megs of framebuffer for AA storage alone.

1920x1200 @ 4xAA/16xCSAA = 145 Megs of framebuffer for AA storage.

2560x1200 @ 4XAA/16xAF = 250 Megs of framebuffer usage.

2560x1200 @ 8xQ/16xQ = 380 Megs of framebuffer usage.

This does not include textures, normal maps, or HDR backbuffers which can only add to the zbuffer load. I'm not suggesting people with 9800GX2's are likely to be tempted to rush out and buy the GTX260/280. But they just arent wise purchases with whats currently available.

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