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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

I just found out I'm onto the last mission, and I was like wtf I've barely started? I'm just getting into the flow of the game and starting to use the powers in combos and such and I at the end....

I think the interface, inventory in particular is just quite bad, it does not flow well at all. I don't think some of the gameplay elements are fleshed out very well. Seems like it was designed to be a movie/cinematic experience before a game. Some of the story missions are basically a single road curved around mountains with geth scattered every 100m. That kind of gameplay by itself is pretty meh. I could go on, but primarily I don't think they spent enough time on gameplay, and spent a lot of time on story/dialog and I really dig the story and dialog work.

I'll probably have to play through again to get a picture of what can and can't be done which may change my mind about things. I'm sure I'd enjoy the game more too.
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