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Default Re: Overheating and similar issues with GeForce GTX 280

Originally Posted by Malichite View Post
Well I just got my new BFG GTX 280 and I appear to be experiencing the same problem myself. I installed it and gave it a test run in Oblivion with QTP3 to stress out that 1GB frame buffer only to find that after a few minutes of play my card started stuttering. Initially I wasn't that worried about the temp after reading most review cards held in the high 70s to low 80s C, but was shocked to see load temps in the high 90s. I didn't get a chance to install my new card until this night, so the best I could do was fire off an email to BFG 24Hr Tech Support.

Much like the others with this problem, it is easily reproduced in a few minutes with a Ozone3D FurMark or rthdrbl run pushing the new card into the red zone . In my case it is clearly not ambient temps (mid 30s C) or my PCP&C 750W SLI series PSU since I am only running a single GTX 280 with my Q9650 proc.
Yes getting a new Card and send the Card for RMA 1 hour later realy is a Pain in the Ass. I hope my new Card will be a good one =( i was lucky with the 8800 GTX fauly transistor too lol damn..
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