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Default Re: Just got my GTX 280 and some Problems

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
Well, I went and ordered another one, an eVGA SC model. So its one of two options for me. Either BFG sends me the card back and I have and go for SLI, or I get a denied RMA and stick with the eVGA I got. Fingers crossed, hoping the eVGA card is ok...

Does SLI work with different clocked models?

Edit: I found out that it does from the SLI Faq...
done the same - drove 120 miles just now to get a replacement cos im so impatient.. got a leadtek one (70 quid cheaper!) and its running right now, running furmark as I type and the temp is stable at 86c.. thank god

the BFG I will RMA on monday (got an RMA number already) and then hope to run SLI when it comes back

I also applied AS5 to mine, but I expect them to RMA it as my fiddling isnt what broke it.. there will be a lot of shouting if they won't!
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