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Default Re: linux makes me masochistic

Originally Posted by Absolution View Post
Every security update, every patch where you need to recompile. Every kernel update (biggest thing). Incompatibilities on kernels, on libraries. Libraries not being found even though I just compiled the files (nfnetlink_queue). ./configure failing, make failing, libtool not adding the library files correctly.

General nuances: updating apache? well, you may as well update php too, well your updating php, probably should update mysql for the new libraries. there goes 45 minutes. I wouldn't test RPM files with my life. Don't get me started with selinux.

The main reason for linux imo is a stable server environment. This is very true, it is indeed stable, but jeesh, I think I'll change to windows next time i order a dedicated box.

Oh ya, its redhat rhel 5 - meh. I think im going to go ritualistically cut myself. . . . ^_^

I'm sure if you have physical access, its a lot easier than just using ssh to do everything.
You are lookng at this all wrong, don't think of it as time wasted, think of it as time billing the customer. Besides, if you go with windows, all that time you will save with configures will be time spent formating and reinstalling the OS due to some script kiddie hacking into your box.
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