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Default Re: Why a GeForce GTX 280 is still much better than a 9800 GX2 or 8800 GT SLI

I really don't know why people are whining about the GTX280, I've upgraded from a 8800GTX and the improvement is massive, easily double what I was getting previously, as the OP stated Crysis is smooth as silk at 1920*1200 on high now, this was previously unplayable on my 8800GTX, unreal engine based games all running at 1920*1200 with 4xAA, again perfectly smooth, was actually shocked at the difference in bioshock, the framerate is so much higher I can enable v-sync and the framerate never drops below 60fps. it's insane, the 8800GTX could barely maintain 30fps with same settings and v-stnc off.

As for SLI and disadvantages, I previously used a 7950GX2 so don't want to go sli again any time soon, scaling issues, profiles/driver support and microstutting I can do without.
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