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Default SLI issues/concerns and stuttering (GTX 200, 8, and 9 Series)

Would be nice to know how often people are getting stuttering in games with SLI and other issues or concerns they have with SLI. A few post lately have mentioned but not differentiated between how many, how often and what type of issues occur. I'm really on the fence of either going the lower cost SLI route or the much more expensive GTX280 route but have not used SLI before so have no concept of the scope of "headaches" involved or how bad the stuttering is. Any info you can offer to all of us who are not intimate with SLI and participating in the poll would be appreciated. Info such as:

How often does the stuttering occur, is it once in a while, all the time? Is it really annoying or just a bit bothersome? Does it happen on very few games, most games or pretty much all games...

All the talk of SLI headaches how does this manifest itself - do games crash often, sometimes or canít get few/most games to run with SLI? Are there problems glitches or artifacts in the game or crashes or BSOD? Do driver updates tend to fix these issues or do you tend to just get frustrated and stop playing the game...

Hey thanks for sharing your SLI experience, this will definitely effect whether I get SLI now or if I will build my machine with SLI potential...


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