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Here's my take on it all. I buy a card, I want it to work. I dont wanna wait for any updates, I dont wanna have to change my motherboard, and I certainly dont wanna clock down or disable features. It should be as simple as insert card into slot, boot pc, install software... THATS IT!

I was a R8500 owner, and I really just wasnt happy. Some games crashed, others were choppy. So I took a chance and got a GF4 TI4400 instead, and I even installed the software from the CD the first time... and everything worked! The games didnt crash, frame rates were smooth, and all the features worked great too.

I'm not gonna argue about the better IQ or picture quality or any of that nonsense ... I'm just gonna say this: One card worked from day 1, the other gave me migranes even after multiple driver updates and tweaks.

In ATI's defense, I think the Radeon 64ddr VIVO was a better card than the R8500. It DID work out of the box, it DID seem smooth. I'm not sure where ATI went wrong after that, but I think the R8500 was a big pain in the neck and I'm happy I sold it . My Radeon 64ddr VIVO on the other hand, great card, I'll likely keep it indefinetly
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