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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by sillyeagle View Post
Hey thanks. So does FEX add themes to the themes menu, or do you have to make all changes through the config menu?

I'm just reluctant to get it because I tested XGraphics, and not only did the interface suck but there were no themes. Short of manually selecting 101 variables there was really no way to easily pick something cool and fly, and for the life of me I simply could not set up anything that appealed to me. The XGraphics clouds did look really cool when selecting the default Stormy Weather theme, but when it came to blue sky fair weather flying I liked the default better.

For me I would like to keep the default blue sky color, but get some cool cumulonimbus clouds to fly though. I'm mostly a fair weather flier and it seems the default is hard to beat when it come to that, but if its got a good config tool I can probably get things setup the way I want. I might just have to get it and see. Peter told me he would make sure I get my money back if I dont like it, so I suppose there is nothing to lose. lol
FEX does not add themes to the FSX list, but you can create complete 'master themes' in FEX it's self, which you can load in before firing up FSX. I know it's another thing to do before you get to fly, but I think the result is worth the effort... HOWEVER once those combinations are in there, you don't need to touch FEX again, unless you fancy a change.

If you don't want to lose the default FSX sky then just make sure you don't tick the 'install skies' box in the 'install options'...having said that I bet you could find one, or better still, create one that's even better, or just the same.

I don't want to sound like a pushy sales man here , but as you said yourself, with the money back 30-day offer, you don't have much to lose...oh and just look at slaWter's screenies.

Nice work S.
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