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Default Re: Overheating and similar issues with GeForce GTX 280

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
Cards that have properly seated heatsinks still overheat... The shim must not be making contact with the core or something, thus it overheats terribly quickly. The fan speed increase makes no difference since the shin probably isn't making proper contact... In my case it took 4-5 seconds to exceed 100C, 20-30 second to shut down from overheating.
I think it might be a shim or contact issue as well, the air coming out of my new EVGA is hotter than the BFG even though the BFG reported way higher temperatures.

The air is definitely much warmer on my EVGA, it is hard to hold your hand there for too long the air is so warm. What is surprising is that since things are pointing away from a temperature sensor issue, is that the 280 GTX can actually run at 105 degrees without artifacts. My BFG would run at 105 degrees the problem was that it would throttle and shutitself off.
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