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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Well 2 factors i can think of stright out of the box would be

1.The guy's who program the engines are so behind the times they might as well still have voodoo 1's in there dev boxes

the main problem is most of those guys have been working on there CPU based FS engines for so long they just dont know how to transition that bloated code to GPU's

My 8800GTS 640mb running at 1680x1050 X16 AF X8S AA never spikes above 65 oC running FSX in DX10 mode but mass effect on the other hand gets it upto about 77 oC same fans settings

just from that you can see that the GPU is'nt doing half the work it should.....

the other thing i can think of is that a lot of simmer's are'nt gamers and really dont know much about PC dev's beat on the fact that there dell PC while it might not have a very good GPU might have a half way decent CPU

I think we'll see a change in FS FPS from FSXI onwards Aces have been slammed left right and center for the ****ty performance of FSX & on the highest end rigs its relatively slow base on the hardware it running under i dout it will ever run full tilt because its coding is sobad and such a CPU hog

Aces also beat on higher Mhz cpu's to do the work for them and the **** hit the fan when intel decide to go multicore,they've made a few changes with the SP's to get the numbers up but its seen as many as too little to late...but thats another rant

Any hows here a few shot from the FEX SHD & GenX vol2 more to come as i play with the new content....water normal are my own custom work not part of FEX

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