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Default [SOLVED] FX 5200 Stopped working after upgrade to 173.14.9 (device not recognized)


My Geforce FX 5200 stopped working after upgrading from 196 to 173.14.9, when I kldload the nvidia module it doesn't recognize the device (Nothing in dmesg, no /dev/nvidia0).

I installed the driver through ports (make deinstall install) with the options below ... And most other info seems to be in nvidia-bug-report.log, which is attached in this message.

[/ports/x11/nvidia-driver]# make showconfig
===> The following configuration options are available for nvidia-driver-173.14.09:
     FREEBSD_AGP=off "Use FreeBSD AGP GART driver"
     VM86_INT10CALL=off "Use VM86 interface for video BIOS calls"
     ACPI=off "Enable support for ACPI Power Management"
     LINUX=on "Build with support for Linux compatibility"
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