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Default Re: Been away awhile - need some infor

Originally Posted by rakesh27 View Post

Is this correct ?

280 - Best
260 - Excellent
9800GX2 - Excellent
9800 - Excellent
8800 Ultra
8800 GTX

8800u and 8800gtx are faster then 9800GTX

At the present moment i own a 8800 GTX and im thinking of upgrading is the 280 the best Nvidia have at the moment and is better then the 3870x2

GTX 280 is the best single card right now, 9800GX2 has slightly higher FPS in some test, but because of less ram it can cause issues when higher AA and res is used.

So is the 280 2gpu on one pcb or is on 2 pcb, and from a 9800gx2 is the jump to the 280 alot.

280 only has one GPU

At present moment im running my games and desktop at 1920x1080 on HDTV 1080p, should i go for the 280 or wait for the 4870x2 to arrive.

4870x2 has potential to be faster, and i really do i hope it is, crazy high nvidia prices need to stop and competition is always good.

Thanks all.
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