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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by SJA06 View Post
omzig - your water is stunning, is this for DX10 only?....
Why thank you

At the moment yes only DX10 as the DX10 water allows for 5 layers pluse a White cap blend texture (looks cool when the wind is up)As i use all 6 layers with diffrent textures i can get a better looking water Aces on the other hand decided to copy the same 1 texture to all 5 layers!

i have'nt had chance to alter it for DX9 but i'll have a play under DX9 in the next few days to see if i can get it looking as good as DX10 but as Dx9 only allows 3 layers i might no look as good but i can give it a try

Nice defence btw ppl know im always having a go at FSX but i hope its for the good in theend

also i know Phil T was battering on about there autogen but FSX does'nt even use DX9 instancing all that autogen batching is done on the CPU side (one reason why RTM was so slow sp1 moved all that to the 2nd core) for comparting it to crysis trees wise most of FSX's trees have about 8 verts as were crysis's have 1000's so no matter how you cut it FSX is'nt pushing as many poly's as crysis even if it has a massive draw distance,if you start digging in to FSX you'll see stuff from FS2002 its as fif they thought oh well thats good enought we'll just leave it in...(tracky shore waves are a case in point there next on my list to replace ) im gonna stop ranting there or i'll be typing allnight
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