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Default Odd discovery with GTX280 and XWA working again

I know this is an old game that most don't give a crap about, but half the enjoyment of buying a new video card is replaying some of those old classics with 16xQ AA . Either way since the release of the 8xxx series cards a handful of old games like X-wing Alliance and Mech Commander 2 weren't playable due to graphic anomalies like missing / flashing / tearing textures. I really wasn't expecting any change from the 8xxx series, but I decided to fire up XWA just to see if anything changed on my GTX 280 and to my surprise the game seems to be rendering correctly again!

I unfortunately am one of those new GTX 280 owners that is suffering from massive overheating (100+C is less than a minute with FurMark), so the card is being RMAed and I am back using my 8800GTX again. Either way I can confirm that this is not a driver issue as I am using the same version forceware on my 8800GTX and the problem of missing texture once anything is targeted with a planet in view has returned. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new card and hopefully no further trouble, but I figured this odd behavior may be of interest to some.

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