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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I love these new SHD clouds!
Yep the extra detail is great,im still making my way through the premade sets checking them out some sets look way over tweaked but beauty in the eye and all that

Getting upclose to some of the finner detailed clouds is amazing though

Ive just grabbed my mates Weather Marker RX details to give that a try out(he only uses it in FS9 and we want to see what it can do with these SHD textures)Its the wearther engine REX will be using and tims screenshots show some killer formations i have seen with FSX or ASX's weather component

i'll post some shots once i get it set up

Nice to see you have the GG crackout there slaWter its a great bird and one of the best models in FSX i do enjoy using in on some of my AU Gold and Blue coastal flights
if you want to kill all that red info text in your top right add this line under the [MAIN] section of your FSX.cfg


btw hows the 280 doing in FSX,do you still get that small micro stutter under DX10 mode?

Nice shot jasonsco is that aerosoft's lordhowe island i spy in the back ground?

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