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Default Re: GTX280 fan not spinning down

Originally Posted by Tym View Post
How long does it stay on high speed? I noticed that it takes a lot of time to slow down, I was testing to see whether I have the overheating issue (luckily not...), and managed to get it to 87C in Furmark -- the fan went all the way to 100%, and when I closed Furmark, it began slowing down gradually by 1% every five seconds or so.
Yep it does the same here but when it gets to 58 it starts to just fluctuates between 58/59 and doesn’t drop. I’ve only just noticed it so maybe I just need wait a little longer.

EDIT: hmm, ok, it's down to 54% now, is there really any need for such a slow drop in fanspeed when temps are fine?
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