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Originally posted by mcortz_2000

Hi there ErrorS,

I hate to say this but I must. As much as I would like to agree with what u say u have made some comments that I believe are incorrect.

1. Ati support technicians or the likes have been present on Rage3D for example... helping people out with their problems. The response has been really positive from the Rage3D members and from many other people as well so in a way they have upped the level of support which is a welcome sign.

2.The Geforce 1 had nothing in the amount of problems that the Ati8500 had and this is from personal experience and from many others.

3.The AGP 8x deal is more serious than u think. The problem seems to stem from clocked frequencies being too high and not being stable as well. The bios for the Ati9700 apparently downs the operating frequencies to bring stability. I realize that there have been power issues but this is not just a simple bios fix, it is a problem in the sense that people paying $350 for a video card should be able to have the card working at the advertised clock speeds etc...

4.The Ati is for people that want to be able to run games with 4x AA and 16x anis(more or less) and to be able to have playable frames even at high resolutions 1024 and above. In these cases the 9700 is significantly faster, and by and large margin.

5.The drivers on the other hand have improved a lot but are still nowhere near where they should be. This is with the released driver and the beta driver.

Please understand this is not a flame just a correction that many people can attest to.

(excuse any bad spelling if there is)

This info has been publically made known by many Ati9700 owners and the likes. I am also not against Ati nor am I an NVLOVER or NVIDIOT. I am open to peoples opinions but sometimes the facts are too hard to ignore.

This just my $0.02.
well I just recently bought a Radeon8500 so I dunno how the problems were 1st hand (i did follow rage3d message boards extremely closely though) .. but I did buy a GF1 SDR like 3 days after release.. it looked like crap in all games and ran like crap in most games... I can say for a fact GF1 was an unstable POS .. sure the card was fast, but was nothing in term of that feeling of "completeness" my Voodoo3 had.. cant explain that feeling or back it up with any kind of hard proof.. games just felt better on my V3 (except for halflife)

now about the tech support.. ok, this is Radeon9700 .. their brand new card.. I'm a radeon1 owner, I have e-mailed ATi for support numerous times with no responce.. same with my new Radeon8500, no support.. Driver fixes? all for Radeon9000 and Radeon9700 .. this might seem fine, but what happens when ATi releases R350? You might lose that hardcore support you're getting for your radeon9700 now.. the ONLY support people are getting are 2-3 individuals who worked on the Radeon9700 using their own time to help people out.. it doesn't mean ATi has good support..

and sorry for mentioning the AGP8X issue when in all reality i knew nothing about it .. I thought I saw somewhere a new BIOS would fix it.. guess I was wrong?

and please cut that disclaimer about you being neither an nvidiot or fanatic .. and the "I'm not flaming you or being rude!" I've seen the light and it's somewhere in between ATi and nVidia .. screw being a fanboy

and to reply to Gator..

I agree with you about the Radeon1 being a great card.. I bought a Radeon8500.. it was nice but didnt have that same feeling my Radeon64MB VIVO did.. even physically the card felt less complete then my radeon1 ..

1. The 2d IQ was worse then my Radeon1
2. Quake3/3dmark(Dragon test) skies and other games that user smaller textures (causing any graphical quality problems to show up easier) just looked horrible..
3. FSAA was BLURY .. i hated R8500's FSAA

dont get me wrong.. Radeon8500 is overall alot better then my Radeon1 ... but still, it seems like each generation video card manufactuars cut some corners to make sure their card is noticebly faster..

ok .. apologies if i sounded retarded in this post.. i really need some sleep.. heh
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