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Default Re: To the people with overheating issues.

well its strange because the very 1st time i used my card i experienced
issues similar to what others have described.. -my entire system just shut off

i re applied thermal paste to my cpu because temps we a little on the high side,
did some cable maintenance, ect.. now everything seems to be perfectly stable,
including temps.

i don't know what i did exactly, but i haven't seen it go over 100 again so that's
really making me happy.

i e-mailed e-vga tech support and the said my temps are within normal
operating range for this card. -my temps are currently idle about 50, and
under load it goes as high as 90, but never into the high 90's.. during
crysis it's usually around 85-87, but hopefully that will all change in the next
few days as im moving into a new air conditioned house!

stuffy apartments are no good for gaming..

im pretty sure my card is fine, although something in me tells me to RMA just
to be on the safe side...

i just wish there was some clarification on this problem so all of us would
know what to do.. or what not to do as the case maybe..

EDIT : then again if this is 'normal' for the 280 to be this hot maybe it's simply
just time to invest in better cooling..
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