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Default Re: Unexpected shutdown with GTX 280!

I would suggest that you use a program to monitor the temp of your GPU core since there have been a few of us on the forum that have been having massive overheating (i.e. 100+ C). Best way to see if your card is affected by the same bug I have is to download something to monitor GPU core temp (ie. RivaTuner or Everest) and then get Ozone3d FurMark. If you have one of the anomalous cores like I have, you should see the core rapidly rise to the high 90C - 100+C in only a minute or so running FurMark at a high res with AA. If your card is indeed overheating you may then either experience thermal throttling or sometimes a complete shutdown.

Currently I and several others on the forums are RMAing our new cards as this is definitely NOT normal behavior. Most normal GTX280 will hold around the high 70s C to low 80s C in games and programs like FurMark or rthdrbl. I am curious to hear what you find out, but it is possible you aren't affected and it was related to the driver settings you adjusted.

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