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Default Re: Will Radeon HD 4870 turn up the heat on the GTX 280?

Well,according to some at Rage3d who already have the card and using the latest drivers,those results are accurate,so we really may be looking at an HD4870 going toe to toe with the GTX260 card.

Given that the HD4870 will retail for 300$ and the GTX280 ends up being only 15% faster and costs 650$,i just don't see many of these selling to be quite honest....Even Nvidia's own product line at lower budgets shot the GTX280's chances to hell if you already own an SLI chipset with all the options available:

1:8800GT's in SLI.(now 300$ for 2 cards)
2:8800GTS in SLI.(prices are all over the place)
3:9800GTX's in SLI(now 400$)
4:9800GTX+ in SLI(460$)
5:9800GX2 for non SLI users(480$)

All of the above combinations are either only a hair below the GTX280's overall performance(8800GT SLI),or can even beat a single GTX280 by a fair margin(9800GTX+ in SLI),and still cost anywhere from 180$ less to 350$ less,so why choose a GTX280 again?
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