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Default Re: Will Radeon HD 4870 turn up the heat on the GTX 280?

Originally Posted by pizzaguy View Post
You have no clue as to what you are talking about and are completely missing the point by buying into the bs from the reviews which do nothing but show you the peak FPS rather than the average FPS and Min FPS. This is where the GTX 280 is miles and miles ahead of any SLI solution, a few guys here that have upgraded from the GX2 will gladly tell you what a better and much smoother gaming experience is provided to them by the GTX 280 over the GX2.
Maybe so,but i'm just going by the numbers here,and there is that Hard OCP GTX review that records minimum/average and peak FPS results and they don't look hugely better than the GX2,here's the link to their review...

Let us not forget as well that the GTX 280 is on launch drivers while the GX2 on the other hand is on drivers that have had time to mature and optimize.

Err,you do realise that the 9800GX2 was released only 3 months ago,so how refined can the drivers be for them anyhow?

Also you are neglecting to acknowledge the fact that the GTX 280 has a major advantage over the GX2 with its much broader memory bus and more usable ram. Both of these factors will help the GTX 280 in high res situations with lots of AA and AF applied. Here is an example of what happens when the GX2 runs out of memory-

I don't know about you,but the minimum frame rate in that very chart with regards to the GTX280 doesn't look too hot to me,despite having a 512 bit memory bus and 1 GB of ram.

I do agree that the GTX 280 is overpriced but I am not to blind to see the obvious advantages that the GTX 280 has over any current G92 sli setup and you are only fooling yourself if you really think that the GX2 is the better card.

Just look at that Hard OCP review and let me know....
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