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Question PC + PS3 + HDMI Switcher = WTF? (ie Help me)

Hi everyone (hope I'm posting this thread in the correct section.... sorry if I'm not)

I have an LGL245WP monitor (HDMI X 1; VGA X 1; Component X 1). I'm trying to connect my PS3 and PC using the single HDMI input on my monitor. So I recently got Belkin PureAV 3 port HDMI switcher. It recognises the PS3 with no problem but puts the monitor into standby when I switch to PC (PC is using a DVI to HDMI cable; I have an 8800gtx in the PC; latest drivers, Vista Ultimate).

What I know so far is: at first it wouldn't sync the PC because my desktop was in 1920X1200 60Hrz refresh. So I dropped it to 1920X1080 at 50 Hrz and it synced... I happily switched between PC and PS3 no problems. Then I turned off my PC and the sync issue happened again. Upon plugging my PC directly into my monitor I saw that my graphics settings hadn't changed (still 1920X1080 at 50hrz) but the switcher wasn't picking it up until I swapped all the plugs around with everything on.

Any suggestions? Please help because owning an HDMI switcher is pointless if I still have to plug and unplug frikking cables to get it to sync. So POed right now.

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850; 2 gigs DDR 2 800; Geforce 8800GTX; Audigy 2 ZS; 24" LG L245WP-BN; Xbox 360 Playstation 3
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