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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Staggering stuff omzig - you should have a talk with Chris about getting some of your work into FEX, as they're working on some shader mods themselves.

I never use the inbuilt Real world weather anymore, as it never reflects what I see out of my window - and like your screens it's always the density of the clouds cover that is the problem [never enough]

Looking forward to seeing the FEX weather engine...I hope it does as good a jod.

I may have offered some (weak) defence of FSX, but I think the state of the DX10 preview is shocking - why did they bother if they had no intention of tidying up it's most glaring faults.

I'm sure the leviathan that is MS could have chucked a bit more budget into sorting these things out...oh-well.
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