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Originally posted by CapsLock
Before you jump to any conclusions about how either company is doing, you might want to do a little more research. This was posted by hiamps at rage3d, I'm not exactly sure of his source however I have seen these same numbers in numerous places myself.

Ontario-based ATI Technologies (NASDAQ:ATYT - News) is one of two main players in the market for video processors, the chips used in personal computers to display game graphics and movies. Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA - News), headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., is the other. The pair has been locked in fierce competition for years, but a look at ATI's fiscal third-quarter results, reported June 25, shows that ATI may be starting to gain market share.

Revenues of $342.1 million for the quarter ended May 31 trounced both the consensus expectation of $305 million and ATI's own guidance of $300 million, and represented year-over-year growth of 28%. Nvidia's most recent quarterly filing showed a 31% year-over-year revenue decline. And while Nvidia's guidance calls for, at most, 8% revenue growth this quarter, ATI is expecting at least 40%.

and just found to corroborate the 31% nvidia decline at x-bit:

So, how about them apples? Nvidia is big and has money, but I think Ati is puttin the hurt on.

ok - didnt read past the first line, 2nd paragraph. There are more than 2 major gfx players - there are THREE. Ati is the 3rd out of them. both nVidia and Intel outsell ATI by volume and profit in the graphic hardware business. And now I see why ATi has a great card, but suffers from STUPID PROBLEMS, CONSTANTLY! (CANADA BASED!)

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