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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey SJA06

Thanks for the kind words i agree on the DX10 thing they could have gotten someone to fix thing in an unofficial capacity,i tryed to have this out with PT over at Avsim but he just dogged the question and then the zelot mods bandded me we can only hope someone out there decided to fix these atleast the constent bitching seem to be having an effect on the Dev of FSXI even if PT things we should just all get over it

There were a few other shots showing off some of very cool water masks from GENx(one of my fav parts of it)but looks like IS is being a little temperamental not sure if that on my side or theres(Sky decided to slap a DLM on my line and is caused a few problems trying to get it removed atm)so i'll try and find another host

lets try photobucket....

I had thought about contacting chris and peter from FEX but it seems they have pretty much covered all of what im interested in replacing in FSX (expect the stuff in on/off freeware project for fsx which im now calling LSD that will be cool if i ever finish it ) i'll see how things stand after the rest of there updates are in and i might offer my work then but if there not interested i'll just create a freeware pack and throw it up on AVsim or the FTX dev board or something

I only really do this stuff for my own amusment if other ppl dig it to that cool so thanks to all you guys for the feedback,sorry to say but it looks like this is only going to be a DX10 project as i checked out the DX9 water shader last night and theres no way i can port this stuff over as there open ocean dx9 shader only uses 1 texture map which Aces use on 2 layers running crosshatch with the 2nd layer scaled up no wonder it doesnt look that great,i'll wait and see what Chris's shader replacement does maybe he'll have thought about it a little more than Aces did

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