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Default Re: Will Radeon HD 4870 turn up the heat on the GTX 280?

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
While 16fps isn't flying, it's still a 60% increase in performance over the GX2. That's a pretty big oversight on your part.

C'mon now,16 FPS still sucks and using the 60% value to make it sound better is just damage control.....By personal experience,anything below 30 FPS as an absolute minimum value sucks for gameplay smoothness,especially in fast paced games like first person shooters.

Hardocp sucks. Always has, always will. Put them on the same tabloid shelf as Tom's Hardware.
I'm no fan myself,but at least they do record min/average/max FPS values and have those graphs for each card,and they show both the GTX280 and multi GPU setups behaving much the same for the most part thru the entire run.
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