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Default Re: NVDIA or ATI (over Linux)

A few thoughts.

nVidia's drivers used to be better in terms of stability and performance. I bought a 7800GT to replace my 9800pro and X hasn't frozen ever since. That was, of course, back in 2005 so the situation could be quite different nowadays.

ATI's installer could produce a Debian package back in 2005. nVidia's installer can only install files directly on your disk, past package management system. Debian comes with packaged drivers, but those are often lagging far behind the latest versions. I have a script to package the drivers, but it may stop working when nVidia decides to change something.

All things considered, I prefer nVidia. Having to package the drivers myself is a small price to pay for stability I've enjoyed for past three years. Besides my 9600GT has a passive heatsink.
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