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Default Re: apc won't handle SLI 280 gtxs

Originally Posted by rudedog View Post
Please explain two in parallel??

Unless you are using one of our APC auto xfer switches you can use two in parallel.

Also do you have anything else plugged into your 1500? UPS are rated in VA which is not Watts when you calculate power factor.

I ran two boxes, one with quad SLI (1000W PCPC PS) the other a single 8800GTX both with LCDs and never came close to pushing my 1500, however mine is a smartUPS XL.

BTW I work for APC
One hooksup to the other apc 1500br24bp battery packs. anyways I don't have it connected to them now and just to a surge arrest any ways it will shut down if I raise the resoultion to 1920/1080 but find at 1680/1050 must have somthing to do with six pin to eight pin of the power supply maybe not getting enogh juice from the PCPC 1000 watt or maybe motheboard pcie doesn't provide enough or maybe both? what do you think?
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