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Default Re: Will Radeon HD 4870 turn up the heat on the GTX 280?

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
QFT. These people that jump up and down for a 80% increase when it's still under ~40 FPS are just ignorant. I don't care what the increase percentage is if it's still not "playable" to me.
This doesn't hold true for very many other games but Crysis really is extremely playable at lower FPS. Maybe I'll capture some video off of my HDTV, but unless the counter is up you really can't tell the game is running in the 20's. I played the whole the game through at 1366x768 on my HDTV, VH, DX10 x64 and I was shocked to fine, when I enabled the fps counter, that my fps sometimes dipped down to 19fps. I just couldn't tell and it seemed just fine to me.
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