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Default Re: Will Radeon HD 4870 turn up the heat on the GTX 280?

Originally Posted by pizzaguy View Post
Why are you picking and choosing with this benchmark? all you talk about is the min fps but fail to realize that the GTX 280 is averaging 20 more FPS than the GX2.

The average is what counts the most since thats where you will spend the majority of your time and the last time I checked 27fps to 47fps is a pretty big difference.

Yes a min 16fps is nothing to write home about but there will be plenty of scenarios in other games to where the GX2 is falling below that critical 30fps point while the GTX 280 will be able to stay above it.

Bottom line the GTX 280 offers the smoothest gaming experience possible right now and thats what makes it the current best choice despite its high price.

Wich is why i posted that Hard OCP review that shows minimum frame rates across multiple games,and it all cases,every single one of them,it shows the GTX280 dipping in the mid twenties and even mid teens in all of them....some of the SLI setups are doing better in terms of minimum FPS,sometimes staying above 30 FPS.

Even so,the site declared the card as the fastest single GPU out there,but even though it is a single GPU,avoids the variable performance scaling issues with multi GPU's,and potential micro stuttering and having to worry with driver profiles for SLI operation,it's 1.4 billion transistors,80 texture units,512 bit memory bus and 140 GB of memory bandwith and 32 ROPS can't avoid hitting those low peaks.

And when you also consider that the 9800GTX+ that has just been released,can be overclocked to well over 800 Mhz on the GPU,and the memory can clock up to 2.4 Ghz(1.2 Ghz actual),and an SLI setup like that costs just over 400$ and can be quite a lot faster than a 9800GX2 or the GTX280 in several games,the decision is very hard to make.

Me personally,i'd check for performance results on specific games i play most often between those 2 particular setups and go from there,as it wouldn't be a GTX280 win by default if i owned an SLI capable motherboard,but that's just me.
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