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Now, then Mr. serAph, being a Canuck, you don't expect me to just let that slide now do you?

Does Intel sell ANY seperate graphics products? Not as far as I know, but that doesn't matter really. How often have I heard people say Nvidia has 2/3rds of the market to Ati's 1/3, (completely discounting Intel)? Actually, the last numbers I heard were nvidia 56%, ati 44% (based on intel 31%,nvidia 27%, ati 21% plus remainder)

AND if you had bothered to read further, you would have discovered that the figures presented have nothing to do with %'s of market held. They are all based on straight revenue.

Now if you are under the mistaken impression that Mercury Research is a solid and reliable source of information, please allow me to paste up a recent post of mine at B3D:

This is the first reason why Mercury Research should be doubted as having any kind of credibility: thier very own freaking website:

Please note as you peruse this marvel of slick PR and technological know-how (not to mention enormous substance), that:

1. It looks like a 12 year old did it!!!!!!!

2. It looks like a 12 year old did it-in a couple of hours!!!!!

3. Where the hell is "Cave Creek, Az"?

Googling "Cave Creek" I have discovered that it is a town of an entire 3,728 people (in 1,571 homes), located 25 miles north of Phoenix. And as anybody can tell you, they know thier IT in Cave Creek. Its like Silicon Valley 2, for petes sake.

Please do not confuse this Mercury Research with this Mercury Research, because the second one, even though its based in Romania, looks extremely proffessional and legit. It does provide a nice comparison though.

(I love the Cave Creek Mercury Research's contact page especially )


PS. After noting thier products proven worth and industry recognition, as clearly demonstrated by thier website, I am so ready to plunk down 10,000 USD. (Check out the beautiful order form page.)

Could Nvidia sink any lower than hiring/buying these clowns?

Wow, how come no one noticed this before?

As for the Canada crack, everyone knows Quebec maple syrup is better than Vermont maple syrup. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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