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Default Re: What are you guys using to overclock the gtx280 ?

Man I keep hearing all this about temps and mine has not heated above 72c even with Crysis and Atitool. I have a full server case with two normal sized case fans pulling in and one pushing out the back. My cpu has a zalman 9700. Temps are better than my old 8800gtx under load. I have been using rivatuner to check that I am running in full power 3d mode during games and even overclocked it a bit to 663/1188. THx for the suggestions folks.

Edit: Wow, furmark does heat things up. 85c with fans at auto and 80 with it forced too 100% Still not bad considering how that program stresses the hardware. How do I know how far I can push it without blowing it up ? I have the EVGA sc edition and I am hearing people say that are hitting 700 core a lot. My stock core is 621 and I am at 663 now.. Should I use furmark to check for artifacting ?
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