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Default Re: 1080p is it worth upgrading?

there is a little bit of miss informantion in this thread, as always. buying an LCD or plasma depends how much movie watching you do, when(night or day time watching) and also how much you value a natural picture. even though TVs are getting better there is still a lot of junk out there! spend the money and get a good t.v and you wont look back. 1080p isnt everything, but if you can buy a current model in 1080p why not. if i couldve i wouldve waited for the 9th gen pioneer 50inch 1080p, but i found 42inch at a realy good price and this time next year ill buy the 50 inch and move the 42 to the bed room, this way ill have 2 t.v for the price of one.

i bought a pioneer plasma 1024x 768. - but i made sure i bought a good one.


good luck.
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