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Default Re: Will Radeon HD 4870 turn up the heat on the GTX 280?

Originally Posted by brady View Post
I should be more clear because I think the language I'm using is sloppy and causing a problem. I don't actually think that 19fps is indistinguishable from 30fps. There's a visual difference for sure. However, 19fps in Crysis is playable because it satisfies two conditions. It conveys the perception of motion and it does not suffer from significant flicker such that my perception of motion is not fluid. In other words I have a satisfactory perception of fluid motion while playing Crysis even when the fps reach 19 or so.

I'm assuming you mean that I'm in a state of denial with respect to not being able to tell my fps are lower than 30. I've corrected that such that what I mean to say is that I can tell when my fps are below around 30 or so but I've also made clarifications to the effect that even though I can detect, without the fps counter, that my fps are below 30 or so, that doesn't ruin the game play or visual experience. So long as I'm above some other value, which obviously is lower than 19, I still feel I am being "appeared to" (to borrow a term from philosophy) "fluidly" as the motion goes.

I don't care what my fps are in and of themselves. It just doesn't matter to me. What I'm concerned about is whether I see fluid motion. If I perceive fluid motion at 15fps then anything above that is nice and I might even be able to detect when I'm getting 60fps, but it doesn't affect my entertainment experience.

As I said I played Crysis all the way through at 1366x768 in DX10, all settings VH. I enjoyed the game a lot. Very, very infrequently do I recall perceiving motion that didn't appear fluid and it only happened for mere seconds at a time. The overall experience was great and as a piece of entertainment I was just as satisfied with the visual presentation as I was when I watch a movie.

I'm certainly going through lengths to make an explanation of my experience and to clarify my meaning. Nevertheless I don't have to go to any lengths, whatever, to "make [myself] happy" with Crysis. I just simply am.

LOL, forget it.
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