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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
One thing I've noticed as a Pistol\Sniper only guy is that the weapons later on in the game have such high accuracy that they are actually useful even when untrained. They don't do as much damage as the weapons I've trained with, but early Assault Rifles that have an accuracy of 1 or 0 are completely worthless untrained. The later ones (50-60 accuracy) seem to hit their mark pretty well at a reasonable distance.

Nothing beats the ridiculous power of my pistol and sniper rifle with two rail extensions VII mods each though. Its so funny killing 5 geth with 12-15 shots from a pistol.
About halfway through the game I bought the mother of all assault rifles from the quarter master (remember kids: buy those licenses!). It was the HMMV or something like that, with damage, heat and accuracy all nearly maxed out. My soldier could snipe with that thing, taking out Geth destroyers from across the room with only a few burst. I felt sorry for the regular Geth troopers...
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