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Default Re: Will Radeon HD 4870 turn up the heat on the GTX 280?

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
maybe not in all test, but keep in mind that 9800GX2 has higher FPS in more then half the test then GTX 280 aswell.

4870 x2 will be competition to 9800 gx2, or nvidia might release gt200 gx2 by that time.

Well,keep in mind a few things though:

1:The performance gap between an HD4870 and the GTX280 is only about 15%.
2:Crossfire scaling from 1 to 2 GPU's is anyhwere from 50 to to 70%.(on supported games)
3:A single HD4870 easily beats a 9800GTX by a good 30~35%.
4:A 9800GX2 is basically 2 9800GTX's bolted together,but running at lower clocks.
5:An HD4870 X2 is basically 2 HD4870's bolted together too,but without clocks being lowered

So in all likelyhood,the HD4870X2 will not only outrun a GTX280 by a large amount,but even beat an 9800GX2 by a decent amount too,maybe even 30~35% there,since scaling on SLI and crossfire is pretty similar in terms of percentage gain overall.
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